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Hi, I’m Lori Cronwell, a writer with a passion for small space design, vintage/shabby chic décor, soft pink and slow traveling Europe (especially France). After a month or two or three in another country, I'm ready to settle back into my life in Portland, Oregon.


How can I afford to slow travel in Europe while keeping my home base? For me, it was about drastically downsizing and simplifying my life so I could create the freedom and ability to work from anywhere while still maintaining a comfortable and beautiful home.


I started Bringing Europe Home to explore my own evolution living a simpler, more satisfying life and to inspire others who want to simplify their lives, slow travel Europe and live authentically.


Living like a local while traveling

As a home body who loves to wander, I’m equally happy nestled by the fire in my 700 square foot cottage as I am living out of a carry-on bag for months. I was never a backpacking, hostel-staying traveler. I enjoy the comforts of home, whether I’m in my own place or an Airbnb.


When I travel, I enjoy feeling like a local and experiencing what it’s like to actually live in the place I’m visiting — without any of the complexity of moving to another country. Slow travel is a richer and more adventurous journey. And staying in one place is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel. I know everyone can’t travel for months, but if you have only a week’s vacation, I encourage you to go to one location and immerse yourself in the culture. Instead of trying to see every town and only hitting the tourist sights, see a place through the local’s eyes, get off the tourist track, meet people, explore markets, ride mass transit, sit in a café and observe the world around you. You’ll be rewarded with a deeper, more memorable and more lasting experience.

Anyone can be a slow and mindful traveler — even day trippers

My previous blog, The, explored the renewing and transformative benefits of taking a day away to be truly in the moment — a mindful day trip. Mindfulness is a part of slow travel as it puts you in the moment and helps you be more present in your experience. I have many techniques that can help you discover a more mindful travel experience — one that can transform your life in amazing ways. And, isn’t that the whole point of travel?

Downsizing is an ongoing process

As a recovering pack rat, I share my lessons learned from drastically downsizing from a 2,400 square foot 1915 craftsman house to an 1800 square foot 1927 house to a brand new 700 square foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Downsizing is liberating, but I know from experience it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process and I’m still downsizing!

Bringing Europe Home

To me, a European lifestyle is a simpler way of life with more time and money to do what you love. Traveling through Europe has inspired me to embrace more European values: to shop for fewer, but better-quality clothes and items for my home; to downsize to a smaller, more sustainable house; to appreciate small-space design; to work less; and to play more (or at least have a better work/life balance). I hope I can inspire you too.

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